About Us

ANthropocentric + ECological + SOlutions = AN-EC-SO

ANECSO was originally set-up to be an experiment in Permaculture and sustainable living. Whilst this is still the primary focus of ANECSO, it has also been shaped by our personal growth to include areas such as Biodynamics, Nutrition Farming, Spirituality and other alternative methods.

The aim of ANECSO is to share our experiences with developing the sort of life WE desire in the post 2020 era. We do not hold out ANECSO to be the 'best' or 'only' model for the future... just ours. We hope that through freely sharing information like this that we can encourage others to follow their path, their dreams, and heal the world in the process.

Our Motivations for this Website

Everyone has a motivation for doing everything, and we'd like to share our motivation for this site. By understanding our motivations you might be able to discern if this is somewhere where you want to spend your valuable time.


I initiated the ANECSO many years ago before I had the good fortune to meet Erika. Then ANECSO was just a thought, an idea, that there had to be a different way to live one's life and interact with the world. It was born out of my everyday dis-satisfaction with the way I was living my life equally fuelled by my personal lack of purpose and my disgust at the degradation of the world around me. It was a grand idea, but I didn't have the strength or maturity to being it into existence... until I meet Erika.

Something you need to understand about me from the outset is that I am naturally a contrarian; someone who's first inclination is to ask why rather than accept the standard approach. I strongly believe that Mark Twain was right when he stated that "any time you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect". Therefore starting something like ANECSO, something that aims to challenge everything, seems like a natural approach to me.